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Looking for an open plot in Yadagirigutta? Look no further! At our open plots in Yadagirigutta, you'll have plenty of space to build your dream home. Plus, the location can't be beat – just a short walk from the new temple opening date. So come see us today and start planning your dream home in Yadagirigutta – open plots are waiting!

Have you always wanted to own a piece of land? Do you want to be able to grow your own food, or simply enjoy a quiet countryside setting? Well, look no further than Yadagirigutta! Here, you can purchase an open plot of land that allows for plenty of privacy and space to grow your own crops or plants. The temple is also currently in the process of opening its doors, so be sure to check out this wonderful place soon!

The Yadagirigutta temple is a beautiful and sacred place that is open to the public for tours. There are a number of open plots available for purchase in the vicinity of the temple, perfect for constructing your own home or garden. The new temple opening date is TBA, so be sure to check back for more information.